Piano Red (Willie Perryman, b. 1911, d. 1985). Much younger brother of Speckled Red (Rufus Perryman, 1892-1973). Both were albino African Americans with red hair and freckles. Piano Red started playing as a teenager, and cited Fats Waller as his main influence, mostly from records his mother bought him. Surprisingly, he does not list Speckled Red as an influence. "It's a strange thing, Rufus left in 1925, I hadn't grown up then. I used to look at him, I thought he was the greatest even before he left, but I never did learn anything from him. Next time I saw him, he came back to Atlanta, it was 1960."

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One of the hardest rocking piano players of his day, his influence is obvious in the piano work of Jerry Lee Lewis and others. Piano Red was also know as Dr. Feelgood, and claimed to heal more people with his music than any medical doctor in the world.

This record list was kept down to four tracks, to be fair to other musicians...Piano Red cut at least 20 records that rock hard enough to get onto this website. The third track, Well Well Baby, sounds just like a Chuck Berry record.

  1. Bouncin' With Red, 1951 (first minute)
  2. Red's Boogie, 1950 (first minute)
  3. Well, Well Baby, 1951 (first minute)
  4. Diggin' The Boogie, 1952 (first minute)

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