Joe Lutcher

Brother of pianist and singer Nellie Lutcher, saxophonist Joe hit the charts in 1948 with a 1947 recording called "Rockin' Boogie." He also hit the charts in 1948 with "Shuffle Woogie." The song included here refers to the Rockola brand of juke box, (founded in the 1920's by David C. Rockola, who died in 1993 at the age of 96, and always maintained that his name was just a coincidence). This is big band rock, played by a veteran of the swing era.

Lutcher left secular music soon after this to become an evangelist. The legend has long been that he persuaded Little Richard to leave rock and roll in the late 50's by converting him to evangelism, but according to Chas. "Dr. Rock" White, who interviewed Lutcher in 1981 and co-wrote Little Richard's autobiography in 1983, it is not exactly true.

  1. Rockola, 1949 (first minute)

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