Goree Carter

The Texas sound in early electric blues guitar--the single-string runs and two-string "blue note" chords--was pioneered in the 30's by Dallas blues man T-Bone Walker and championed in late 40's rocking blues by Texans such as Gatemouth Brown, Pee Wee Crayton, and in this track, 18 year old Goree Carter (b. Houston, Dec. 31, 1930; d. Houston c. 1988). It's a sound made famous a few years later by Chuck Berry and is still copied to this day. Carter recorded heavily in 1949 and 1950, but seldom returned to music after having been drafted by the army at 19, and his recordings have drifted into obscurity.

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  1. Rock Awhile, 1949 (first minute)
  2. Hoy Hoy, 1949 (first minute)

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