Doc Sausage (Lucius Tyson) recorded this track in New Jersey, Jan. 2, 1950. Doc Sausage, vocals and drums; Earl Johnson, sax; Charles Harris, piano; Charlie Jackson, guitar; unknown drums.

Cut two days into the new decade, this track ushers in the 1950's with instructions on a dance step called "rocking." This rocking craze resulted from the rash of records, starting in 1947, with reference to "rocking." While "rocking" was originally a term in black gospel and spiritual music going back over a century, the blues community adopted the term sarcastically in the middle of the 20th century and gave it the dual meanings of dancing and sex. Both those meanings can be seen here, if one considers "sausage."

Doc Sausage was the lead singer and drummer in the Five Pork Chops, a frenetic jive group that recorded in 1940, including a song called "Birthday Party" that begins "Rockabye baby..." and includes "rock it, rock it, rock it." (this paragraph contributed by reader Joseph Scott)

In 1950 he recorded with a band called "Doc Sausage and His Mad Lads" for the Regal label, and these records included the track below, "Sausage Rock," as well as "Rag Mop," and others.

  1. Sausage Rock, 1950 (first minute)

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