Billy Love was a session musician at Sam Phillips' recording studio in Memphis for a few years in the early 1950's, before Phillips started Sun Records. Jackie Brenston (see Brenston's page), had already made a name for himself with "Rocket 88," in March of 1951, a track which had been recorded in Phillips' studio and sold to the Chess label, and since this was the first big hit recorded in his studio, Phillips decided Brenston needed another recording to sell to Chess. That record was to be "Juiced," which Phillips then sent to Chess as being by Jackie Brenston, and that is how the record was released. But the song was written and the recording was sung by Billy Love, and it is a fact that Brenston does not even play on this track at all! This fact is clearly demonstrated by the fact that Love screams "Blow Walker, blow" before the sax break. Brenston's sax was not in the room.

"Juiced" was enough of a success, though, that Phillips gave Love a record of his own, "Drop Top," a song about a convertible.

  1. Juiced, 1951 (first minute)
  2. Drop Top, 1951 (released in 1952) (first minute)